Layer 2 Chain
Built For

Healthcare Compliance Trust Adoption

Proof of competence chain that every
healthcare consumer, physician and organization
can use and trust

Cost per transaction
$ 0
Competent Nodes
Total SOLVE supply
People with 10 diseases
Annual healthcare cost
$ 0

Care.Chain is built Better

Proof of Competence

Proof of competence is a better consensus model

than commonly used Proof of Work (PoW which is wasteful, expensive, slow) and Proof of Stake (PoS which can be vulnerable and suffer from outsized influence). Proof of Competence is particularly useful in healthcare where rules around data privacy, data ownership, data custody, data use, data location and clinical competency must be followed. Proof of competence preserves identity while guaranteeing competence and enjoys much lower carbon footprint.

SOLVE is the native token

SOLVE is better token for healthcare

than any other token because it serves several functions. First as a utility token, SOLVE is used as gas for minting NFTs, deploying smart contracts, validating events and for community earnings. Second, as a payment token, SOLVE supports peer-peer payments. And significantly for healthcare, SOLVE can be used as payment token for delegated and 3rd party payments which are often the case in healthcare.


Care.NFTs are better than standard NFT

because they are upgradeable, can be time-limited, can include locked content and can have multiple views of the content. Care.NFT achieve high degree of usability in healthcare by including both content and logic, and can function as a dApp when viewed in the Care.Wallet. Care.NFTs represent a new and powerful way to monetize content and competence of the publisher.

EVM Compatible

Care.Chain is fully EVM compatible

but offers significantly enhanced event processing capabilities via Care Event Virtual Machine (CEVM) including WebAssembly based event handlers, event verification, event interoperability, fast transaction times, and geo-pinned execution.

Care.Chain is built for Trust

Decentralized compute

Care.Chain introduces secure runtime for Care.Events to get executed on on-chain

Decentralized data

Care.Chain shared data plugin module persists the off-chain data to geo pinned IPFS nodes Care.Chain is purpose built blockchain for a distributed event ledger and Care. Ledger

Decentralized identity

Care.Chain comes with identity platform and supports both on-chain and off-chain verifiable credentials.
It can interoperate with other ID platforms

Verified events

Care.Chain provides inbuilt distributed message stream and routes events based on smart contracts to be executed at a target Node/s

Peer-to-Peer communication

Care.Chain provides the underlying p-2-p infrastructure for two wallets to communicate securely and exchange Care.Cards

Zero-Knowledge Transactions

Care.Cards can utilise inbuilt on-chain verifiable credentials and can interoperate without knowing anything about sender and receiver

Care.Chain is built for Healthcare

Clinical NFTs

Access guidelines published by
competent clinical authorities

Administrative NFTs

Understand options and
utilize your healthcare benefits

Financial NFTs

Compare cost of healthcare and
manage your obligations

Care.Chain is built for adoption

Care.Chain is a global, open healthcare infrastructure to connect every consumer, every healthcare provider and every healthcare enterprise via fair, equitable and secure relationships.

Care.Chain delivers a new paradigm for healthcare computing that far exceeds the capabilities of every Web2 system and any other blockchain. Care.Chain is a layer 2 chain and a relationship protocol to manage self sovereign data, identity, and transactions between parties with zero knowledge of each other than role and competence of the parties.

Care.Chain is a trust layer for zero knowledge healthcare transactions between parties with demonstratable compliance, with regulations.

Most importantly,Care.Chain allows for rapid authoring of networked applications at 1/10th the cost and 10x the speed of building any Web2 healthcare application.

Care.Chain is built to Monetize Competence

A Validator

Be part of the “Good Actor” chain where every validators is competent and trustworthy.

A Publisher

Publish Care.NFTs that will help people live better and longer.

A Reviewer

Review and score Care.NFTs so users can trust and compare the quality of content.

Care.Chain is built for Planet

We are committed to maintaining an eco-friendly approach to the blockchain industry. We understand the growing concerns around the environmental impact of various blockchain technologies, and we created Care.Chain to be a sustainable, low carbon solution

Our consensus mechanism is Proof of Competence which is much more energy-efficient than Proof of Work (PoW) or Proof of Stake (PoS) chains. We’ve estimated our carbon footprint in comparison with several other chains, and we’re proud to be among the most energy-efficient.


0.06 kWh per transaction

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Care.Chain is built to be a Community